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Where to thrift?

As students at Emory University, ECASTxaltKEY decided to collaborate and create an interactive map of thrift stores for you all!

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Hi everyone! This is an interactive map where you can zoom in and find thrift stores in your local area! This map was created by two clubs at Emory University, ECAST and altKEY, who are committed to creating a more sustainable future by focusing on fashion and conscious consumerism. 

ECAST is Emory’s Climate Assessment and Solutions Team, which is a partnership between undergraduates, graduates, and faculty members at Emory to make a difference in halting climate change. altKEY is a new sustainable fashion organization (2020), looking to promote the use of ethically sourced materials as well as the affordability and accessibility of sustainable fashion not only at Emory, but also around the country. 

If there are thrift shops that you regularly go to and would recommend, please click on the map to add a location! Since climate change is a global crisis and this is a global initiative, we would love for you to suggest thrift shops not only in the United States, but also all over the world!

Companies such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and TopShop have dominated the world of fast fashion, capitalizing on the quick-paced trends by constantly coming out with new clothes and convincing you that you need to buy the latest goods. They lower prices by sourcing their raw materials unethically and failing to pay their employees living wages. Prices are also kept low by using toxic dyes and cheap fabric that are easily tearable.

As a result, the culture of fast fashion encourages a ton of waste through this trendy marketing. Clothing is now seen as easily disposable, old after a few wears. Additionally, the high volume of clothing also creates a lot of greenhouse gases during the transportation process to factories and consumers’ houses. 

The alternative to fast fashion is to shop sustainably and be mindful of the clothing you purchase. Most of the time ethically sourced clothing comes with an inaccessible price for someone who just wants to purchase casually. 

One solution? Thrifting. It not only saves money, but also prevents more clothes from entering landfills and helps to promote a system of reducing, reusing, and recycling. 

As such, we’ve included places where you can donate, sell, and buy used clothing. We hope this map can serve as a guide for those who want to shop sustainably locally, but don’t know where to start. We understand that being mindful about shopping takes extra effort, and we want to help make the process easier. Now that we’ve explained everything, please check out the map! Happy thrifting!! 

Places to thrift online:



If you know of any other places, please fill out this form: 
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