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The KEY: Concrete Jungle 2021

If you love fashion like me, I am sure you have dreamed of attending a fashion show. I imagine the glamour of models walking down the runway, lights flashing, showcasing never seen before items. However, one of the silver linings of the virtual world we are living in today is that fashion shows can now be accessible to anyone. While an online fashion show may be different, that does not take away from the glamour and intrigue that you may find in an in-person fashion show. altKEY is hosting our very own virtual fashion show, The KEY: Concrete Jungle.

That’s right, we are having a sustainable fashion show, and you are invited.

Mark your calendars for April 10th at 6:00pm EST for our virtual fashion show, The KEY. Independent designers and up-cyclers from all over the country have submitted their unique, sustainably designed pieces to be showcased virtually. The theme of the show is Concrete Jungle, which includes sub-themes such as into the rainforest, painted canopy, cement wilderness, oasis, penthouse, down 2 earth, and farmhouse chic. Designers have created unique, eco-friendly pieces to fit these themes beautifully.


  • Into the rainforest is homage to the truly wild side of the city. From lush walking trails to mountain hikes, if you go to the right place a city seems to disappear behind the trees.

  • The next subtheme, painted canopy, celebrates street art. From beautiful graffiti to live performances, city sidewalks are filled with various forms of artistic expression. Streetwear is one of the forms.

  • Cement wilderness focuses on the business side of the city. The strict hustle and bustle of the office workers is illustrated by color-blocked business casual.

  • Oasis, unlike the rainforest, is the feeling of stumbling into a patch of green in the middle of skyscrapers. Like Piedmont or Central Park, these few acres offer a welcome relief which is shown by nude loungewear allowing you to take a quick break before taking on your day.

  • Penthouse is a celebration of the arts. Many concrete jungles house exhibits, concerts, and live performances which illuminate the skyline with culture.

  • Down 2 earth is solely a celebration of the weekend. Allowing the weight of work and school to drop away, and being able to run wild with your friends, explore new restaurants, and spend quality time with each other.

  • Lastly, farmhouse chic celebrates hard workers that keep concrete jungles in their feet. From harvesting crops to bottling wine, the concrete jungle wouldn’t exist without the countryside.


Not only will this fashion show be a display of clothing, we are also having distinguished speakers share their knowledge about fashion and the sustainable fashion industry. The night starts off with Mary Ping, the founder of the conceptual label “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”. She is an acclaimed American fashion designer based in New York City and will be our keynote speaker.

Next, we have our first panel speakers for Green Fashion, a panel dedicated to discussing the circular business model and the future of the sustainable fashion industry. These speakers include Sarah Krasley, the CEO of Shimmy; Michelle Jaffe, the founder of JolieKai; Karen Glass, a conceptual fashion artist; Daniel Shim, the co-founder of ONDO; and Daniel Green, the Chair of Fashion Marketing and Management at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Finally, our second speaker panel is called Sustainable Vogue, where panelists will give their insider tips on how to start a sustainable fashion brand from the ground up. These speakers include Karen Glass, a conceptual fashion artist; Quinay Baker, CEO of Q&A Fabric Studio; and rising fashion influencer Erica Sun.

This virtual fashion show will be a once-in-a lifetime experience to take a glimpse into the world of fashion right from your own home. Don’t miss it.

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