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A look into Exec's favorite brands

Are you interested in sustainable fashion but you don’t know where to get started? This list of sustainable stores will help you take a step in the right direction in creating a wardrobe full of ethical and sustainable pieces. I asked members of our executive board to share their favorite sustainable brands and shops. Ahead, see the best shopping picks, starting with my own.

Rachel Zipin, Blog Writer and Marketing Associate: Offkut Studio

One of my favorite cool sustainable brands right now is Offkut Studio. It is a small business that sells the coolest tops with the most amazing patterns. The designer, Isabel Smith, creates her clothing from off cuts from remnant material and unwanted clothing. The prices are fairly reasonable and I have a feeling this brand is going to take off very soon!

Another favorite of mine is Cool is a Construct!

If you want unique, stand-out pieces this is the shop for you. Cool is a Construct has one-of-a-kind sparkly, colorful clothes that are all handmade from deadstock fabric. Anything you wear from this brand will make you stand out and feel cool and confident!

Katie Zhang, President: Kotn

Katie recommends the brand Kotn, an eco-friendly clothing and home decor brand that makes the perfect basics. All of their clothing is ethically made from Egyptian cotton. In fact, they support farmers in Egypt by providing them with living wages and building schools nearby to sustain their childrens’ education! Katie loves Kotn because their style is “minimalist and timeless” and she loves the feel of their shirts and jackets. This brand is perfect if you are looking for comfortable, timeless basics that are ethically produced!

Emily Kim, Corporate Director: For Days

Another amazing basics brand is For Days. Their motto, “Better Clothes for a Cleaner Planet” characterizes the brand perfectly. They sell high-quality, comfy basics out of organic cotton and they produce zero-waste. They have an amazing recycling program where you can send back your old items for discounted new ones. Emily loves For Days for the muted tones and comfy street wear, and she says they have the perfect clothes to wear for online classes!

John Paul Cawood, Marketing Associate: Veja

In need of a new pair of classic shoes? John Paul recommends Veja, a french footwear brand that makes the perfect sneakers to go with every outfit. Veja makes great quality shoes made from sustainably-sourced rubber and recycled materials. They are also ethically produced using fair-trade practices! Vejas are sustainable and stylish, what more could you ask for?

Tenzin Gonshar, Marketing Director: Athleta

In need of some new workout clothes? Tenzin recommends Athleta for high-quality, fairly priced clothes to wear to your next gym-outing or yoga class. Tenzin loves Athleta for their values, which include empowering women and making sustainable choices. Athleta makes clothing that is “designed for life”, meaning they are timeless and will last forever. Most importantly, their designs are super cute and comfortable!

Jennifer Dam, Productions: Reformation, Buffalo Exchange & H&M Conscious Collection

Jennifer blessed us with three recommendations, the first being Reformation. Reformation

uses sustainable practices to create some of the most chic, timeless designs. Personally, I love their dresses and skirts but Jennifer says “they have some of the best and most stylish jeans”. Reformation has the most beautiful pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Second, Jennifer recommends Buffalo Exchange, a thrift store that has many locations around the country including one in Atlanta. Jennifer expresses “I have many great memories thrifting at Buffalo Exchange during my first year at Emory. It was the first time I had ever gone thrifting and any hesitations I had about thrifting disappeared. I understood why so many people loved thrifting because there can be so many great finds.” If you are new to thrifting, definitely check out Buffalo exchange for unique, preloved pieces!

Lastly, Jennifer recommends the H&M conscious collection. As you may know, H&M is not perfect when it comes to sustainability, but the conscious collection shows that they are taking steps in the right direction. This collection is great for more affordable pieces that don’t break the bank. They have everything from comfortable underwear to chic sweaters to classic jeans.

Let us know if you have any sustainable brand recommendations as well! But first, make sure to consume more consciously (such as making a list of the items you need in your closet) and loving the clothes you already have. Shop responsibly!

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